Embrace Alabama Kids Utilizes Fun and Creativity to Gain Support in Tuscaloosa

Giving vulnerable kids opportunities to grow and thrive in a safe, loving environment is at the heart of what the Embrace Alabama Kids does. Naturally, that’s exactly the imagery the organization’s staff decided to use in Tuscaloosa to make the community aware of Embrace Alabama Kids, its mission and need for support.

Beginning Saturday, July 11, homes around Tuscaloosa will have sunflowers temporarily adorning their yard accompanied by a yard sign that reads “Help Plant a Seed of Hope. #SupportEAK”. The creative campaign is a nod to the organization’s mission of providing homes, healing and hope.

“We’re going to split the kids up by boys and girls. The boys will go with me and the girls will go with my colleague, Mrs. Vickie. We are going to go around town and let the kids display the flowers, post the signs and leave some treats as a thank you,” said Luke Powell, a social worker for Embrace Alabama Kids’ Tuscaloosa Foster Care program.

In preparation for the activity, Embrace Alabama Kids reached out to a variety of prospective participants to gain their consent. Among those offering their yard are none other than Alabama Head Football Coach Nick Saban, Tuscaloosa Mayor Walt Maddox (utilizing City Hall’s lawn) and Alabama Athletic Director Greg Byrne. In addition to the yard sign, those volunteering their yards will also receive a pack of flower seeds, information about the ministry and cookies.

“Going into it, the kids will think they are ‘pranking’ these residents.”

“Going into it, the kids will think they are ‘pranking’ these residents. However, all of those who have agreed to participate are aware and have consented to this beforehand,”said Powell. “We expect the kids will be pretty excited about it all – it should be a lot of fun.”

Powell and his colleagues with Embrace Alabama Kids’ Tuscaloosa Foster Care program hope through this activity, more people in the community will get involved in supporting Embrace Alabama Kids by way of a contribution or possibly even becoming a foster parent.

“We continually have kids being sent to us who need caring and safe homes,” said Powell. “We hope more families and community members will take interest in what we’re doing and decide to get involved.”

Learn more about Embrace Alabama Kids’ Foster Care program at embracealabamakids.net/foster-care.


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